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Did you know?

  • St David's is the smallest city in Europe.

  • Mount Everest was named after a Welshman - Sir George Everest.

  • Lord Caernarfon discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun.

  • Alfred Russell Wallace, first wrote his theory of 'Natural Selection' ten years before Darwin (who's wife was also Welsh). The theory contradicted his religious beliefs, therefor he would not publish.

  • Lord Tredegar led the Charge of the light brigade against the Russians at Balaclava.

  • Mary Jones, from Llanfihangel-y-Pennant, was the inspiration for The Bible Society.

  • Peter Rabbit's garden was in Tenby.

  • Rupert Bear - Nutwood was based on Beddgelert.

  • The first steam engine journey, Merthyr to Penydarren, was developed by Richard Trevithick.

  • Captain Henry Morgan, Buccaneer, Pirate and Governor of Jamaica was Welsh.

  • Welsh pirates were the most successful, apparently because most of them didn't drink!

  • The 'Jolly Roger' flag was developed by Pembrokeshire pirate Bartholomew Roberts,aka 'Black Barti'. Because Barti wore a red coat, the French called him 'Le Joli Rouge', which corrupted to Jolly Roger by the English and eventually became synonymous with the flag, rather than the person.

  • The first country in the world to move from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy i.e. more people employed in industry than on the land.

  • The oldest castle in the UK is at Chepstow.

  • John Lewis, founder of the famous department store in London, was Welsh.

  • World's first co-operative was started by a Welshman.